10 September 2013

THE LOST ART of the picnic

There is something about a picnic that I have always loved.

I can remember as a child going on picnics when we would be on vacation.  At the time, I really had no appreciation for what a picnic really could be... then, it was just a cold sandwich at a park table but some how it still was a fond family memory.  My husband and I enjoyed picnics when we were dating so shortly after I got married (many years ago), I was in Crate and Barrel and they were having an end of season sale on wooden picnic baskets.  I bought one with all the "things" that go inside...I was ready should the occasion arise but it would be years before I knew how to properly use it.   Not until moving to London in 2007 did I truly discover THE ART OF THE PICNIC.  

You see, it is really much, much more than a cold sandwich and some potato salad.  It is about creating a true dining experience, it is about making beautiful memories, it is about slowing down, and it is about bringing a little "luxury" into a very simple activity.

... and really, it takes very little effort.  Stop and think for a minute how just a pretty cotton blanket in a shady spot, instead of a picnic table, would change the atmosphere and makeyou want to linger.  You should think of planning a picnic in the same way you would if you were having guests for dinner.  What makes the setting memorable?

Here are my 10 favorite things for bringing a little luxury to the picnic:
  • A proper blanket (or blankets) to sit on that accommodates everyone
  • A great wicker basket 
  • Real dishes and silverware
  • Cloth napkins
  • Fresh flowers for a centerpiece
  • Real food...Grilled flank steak, shrimp cocktail, tomato salad, fruit salad, a beautiful cheese or charcuterie board... the possibilities are truly endless!
  • A bottle of wine or champagne (don't forget the corkscrew!)
  • Real glassware (I have even been known to take my crystal!)
  • Portable music
  • cutting boards and/or serving trays

Fall is the perfect time for a picnic with family or friends... I hope you will make some wonderful memories on your next outing.


  1. Great minds think alike - our post for tomorrow...picnics - a favorite September treat for me!!

    1. Great minds do think alike! I cannot wait to read it! xx

  2. Now that's my kind of picnic. In LA, you can picnic at the Hollywood Bowl while listening to a concert. It is really fun.

    1. I totally agree - it doesn't get any better than a picnic with a concert! xx

  3. Lovely picnics here!! I'm here from TPP....loved all your fabric selections...especially Les Touches...Yum! Lovely blog and I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I really appreciate it!!! xx

  4. I'm totally saving this post... once we get our boat, we will be picnicking frequently!

    The Glam Pad



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