21 August 2013


Back in the Spring, I had the honor of meeting the very lovely and talented (and fellow Texan!) RONDA RICE CARMEN at the launch of her new book, DESIGNERS AT HOME.  Ronda is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog, ALL THE BEST, and she takes us inside the personal homes of 50 distinctive leaders in the design world including Charlotte Moss, Celerie Kemble, India Hicks, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Jan Showers, Bunny Williams, Rose Tarlow, and many many more.  

As a designer, I am always fascinated to see how other designers live and what they choose to represent their style in their own home space. It is a beautiful book with amazing photos, thoughts on gracious living and design philosophies, decorating tips and more. 

It is brought to us by my favorite publisher of design books, RIZZOLI, and it is not to be missed! I hope you will consider adding this lovely book to your collection.


  1. I've just recently added it to my collection, and I love it. Besides just being a beautiful book with lots of gorgeousness to see on every page, there's lots of fascinating information!

    1. Thank you SO SO much for checking out the blog! It means more to me than you will ever know! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Landon! I appreciate you checking out the blog! Let me get a little more experience under my belt and you will be next to showcase! xx

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to order this one!
    xo Nancy



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