20 August 2013

All Around the World: One of my favorite things about Carmel...

The past couple of summers, my family and I have rented a cottage in Carmel, California to escape the Texas summer heat.  It is a magical place for us and there are so many quaint and charming things about which I could write.  However, as a designer - one of my most favorite things about the stores and houses in the village are the fabulous Dutch Doors.  I love how they bring the fresh outdoors in yet still have the fomality of needing to be opened so that guests can be properly greeted by the shop owner upon arrival.  On our own rental house, I find myself keeping just the top half open as well....a luxury that could never be afforded at home due to the intense heat.  It also seems to serve a source of creative inspiration to my children as they find new ways to entertain themselves without the use of technology!
I just adore them!  How about you?

all photography taken by Tiffany Jones


  1. Love the bright red one!!!

  2. I love Carmel, and was there last year. I would love a Dutch door. What cute travelers you had with you.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. It means A LOT!!



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