23 February 2014

Design Trends: The Fabulous World of Wallpaper!

Tiffany Jones Interiors

I have always been a fan of wallpaper… It has so much more personality than paint and can really make a ho-hum room come alive and feel more elegant.  It adds a layer of sophistication, if you will.

It truly transforms a room like nothing else and quickly defines ones' style.  Depending on the pattern selected, wallpaper can make any sort of statement to reflect your style.  A softer palette can creating a calming effect while something more bright will add energy to the space.  Many people tend to think of wallpaper as old-fashioned…In my opinion, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have used it in every house I have ever owned… even having the walls one my houses almost 100% covered. (I still think of it as one of my favorites!)

Honestly, I am not sure why people factor wallpaper in general into the "trend" category…In my opinion, it is a classic execution of design. Like anything design related, the popularity of  things ebb and flow…. And while I have never stopped using it, thankfully, those who are in charge of setting the trends have declared that wallpaper is making a HUGE comeback!

Here are some of my favorite examples of absolute wallpaper gorgeousness!

The Palm Beach dining room of the Lauder Family

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens

Gerald Pomeroy

Tiffany Jones Interiors

Cathy Kincaid

Mary McDonald

The Decorista

For many people, the idea of committing to a wallpaper is scary… If it seems too much for you, try just wallpapering one wall for an accent.

Todhunter Earle

Happy Monday!



  1. I love each of these rooms, especially your dining room! Wallpaper is the best!

    The Glam Pad

  2. I love your first photo! That wallpaper is perfection.



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