23 January 2015

Design Inspiration :: The Return of the Skirted Table

Beth Webb

Upon reading my collection of design magazines recently, I was so thrilled to spy a segment on Skirted Tables.  I must admit... I LOVE a skirted table and always have at least one or two in my own house.  With many design trends over the past few years leaning towards cleaner lines, the skirted table has gone by the wayside and touted as something from Grandma's house.  I beg to disagree... 

A beautifully skirted table is a design staple.  When executed in the right manner, it brings a sophistication and elegance to a room that cannot be duplicated. It brings a warmth and softness, if you will.... And as an added BONUS, can provide a secret place for storage underneath.

My favorite part of this design essential is that it can be any size or shape and work in any space in your house. 

Source Unkown 

Architectural Digest

Palmer Weiss
Design House

How do you feel about a skirted table?  I would love to know!

Happy Friday!



  1. Tiffany, I've had that first image in my files forever as inspiration for my dining room! These are all so beautiful and I'm so glad they are back "in"

    1. Hi Stacy - Isn't it gorgeous??? it one my favorites, for sure!! xx



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