26 January 2015

Design Trend :: Deep Dark Walls

Elle Decor
Jan Showers
Daniel Cuevas

Recently, I have been quite drawn to the darker walled rooms... whether it be a lacquered paint or a very dark wood paneling.  It is not anything I have ever designed in my own house and have only once or twice recommended to a client... But there is something lately that keeps drawing me in.  A coziness... a richness... a sophistication, perhaps.  Maybe all these "clean spaces" of late are leaving me wanting more.

I really like the old world glamour it adds to a room. Making a bold design decision such as this is not for the faint of heart...it shows you have conviction in your design style... and it definitely exudes a personal confidence, as well.

Apartment Therapy

Alicia B. Designs

Sasha Adler via Elle

Garrow Kedigian

I am smitten... and cannot think of where to execute this fast enough!

What are your thoughts on the darker walls?  Yes or No??


1 comment:

  1. Dear Tiffany,
    Great post! Billy Baldwin and David Hicks also liked the dark lacquered walls, which are becoming all the rage again. If one can't afford a really good painter, then any color can be special ordered in a gloss finish, just need lots of sanding, primer, and prep for a nice finish. Fine Paints of Europe has an extra thick primer that helps to hide flaws. Enjoy!



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