05 November 2014

Design Trend :: Velvet

Nancy Corzine

Elle Decor

Todd Alexander Romano

HGTV.com / Photo by Scott Frances

I am often asked what is my favorite fabric is to use in a project.... I instantly answer VELVET!  I love everything about it and it can be used just about anywhere...except outside!

Velvet looks and feels SO luxurious. I love to use it most on sofas and dining chairs... places where people spend substantial amounts of time because it has a decadence and softness about it that is so comfortable... But I also love it as draperies or accents such as pillows or foot stools.  It brings beauty and texture to a room like nothing else... pure elegance, indeed!

Velvet fabric has a really interesting history. It has been around since 2000BC and was originally created by the Egyptians.  Throughout the centuries, it was a product primarily reserved for those of nobility given its very high cost to produce. Up through the Renaissance period, velvet was only made of silk but contemporary velvets today can be a blend of many fibers, both natural and synthetic.

Next time you are looking for a new piece of upholstery, I invite you to consider a velvet fabric.  It is timeless and classic.... you will not be disappointed.



  1. I’ve had velvet on my mind for a while now, especially in the form of a blue sofa. Thanks for the pin-worthy pics.

    1. Hi Alison! Thanks so much for reading!! You will LOVE a blue velvet sofa... so gorgeous in any shade. xx



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