28 August 2013


Photography by Justin Clemons for Tiffany Jones Interiors

Source: gypsypurplehome.tumbler.com

Source: Le Meurice, Paris

As Labor Day weekend is approaching, I am preparing for a visit from some dear friends we met while living abroad.  For the longest time - I used to struggle with what to serve for breakfast to house guests.  You don't want it to be too fussy... nor do you want your guests to feel like they have to peel out of bed before they are ready (or you, for that matter!)  After living in London for several years, I have found that the European sensibility is the best way to go.  Fresh fruit, an assortment of pastries and jam, fresh squeezed juice and some coffee or tea.  Most of this can be served at room temperature and therefore, can be available for them throughout the morning... whenever the guests prefer.

The key is completely in the presentation.  Be sure to use your beautiful dishes, real cloth napkins, lovely serving trays and a bouquet of fresh flowers.  I can promise you... you will be applauded for going above and beyond!

I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend.


23 August 2013

The Love of Entertaining: 5 Fabulous Hostess Gifts You Can Carry On the Plane

set of 4 agate coasters

Set of 4 Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Ina's FAB new cookbook!
Source: Amazon

Personalized Chunky Note Pad (10" x 7")

Source: Madison 

A few weeks ago, I was traveling to spend the weekend with some friends in Denver. As I was headed out to purchase one of my usual hostess gifts, it occurred to me that none of them would work in my carry on luggage and pass through security!  I needed a new plan.

These are 5 great gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive.... and they won't weigh down your luggage!
Do you have a great hostess gift you would like to share?

Have a great weekend.


21 August 2013


Back in the Spring, I had the honor of meeting the very lovely and talented (and fellow Texan!) RONDA RICE CARMEN at the launch of her new book, DESIGNERS AT HOME.  Ronda is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog, ALL THE BEST, and she takes us inside the personal homes of 50 distinctive leaders in the design world including Charlotte Moss, Celerie Kemble, India Hicks, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Jan Showers, Bunny Williams, Rose Tarlow, and many many more.  

As a designer, I am always fascinated to see how other designers live and what they choose to represent their style in their own home space. It is a beautiful book with amazing photos, thoughts on gracious living and design philosophies, decorating tips and more. 

It is brought to us by my favorite publisher of design books, RIZZOLI, and it is not to be missed! I hope you will consider adding this lovely book to your collection.

20 August 2013

All Around the World: One of my favorite things about Carmel...

The past couple of summers, my family and I have rented a cottage in Carmel, California to escape the Texas summer heat.  It is a magical place for us and there are so many quaint and charming things about which I could write.  However, as a designer - one of my most favorite things about the stores and houses in the village are the fabulous Dutch Doors.  I love how they bring the fresh outdoors in yet still have the fomality of needing to be opened so that guests can be properly greeted by the shop owner upon arrival.  On our own rental house, I find myself keeping just the top half open as well....a luxury that could never be afforded at home due to the intense heat.  It also seems to serve a source of creative inspiration to my children as they find new ways to entertain themselves without the use of technology!
I just adore them!  How about you?

all photography taken by Tiffany Jones


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