02 April 2014

Design Inspirtation: The Flower Show

Hello, Friends!   It has been way too long!

This week, I am preparing for my annual entry into my garden club's flower show.  I always select the category of "tablescapes" since I love to entertain and it gives me a chance to marry two things I love… the place setting as well as the flowers.  Two years ago, I won first place… last year, i came in 4th… (out of 4!)… so i must make a good come back with this showing.  I am not terribly competitive but I defintely do NOT like to come in last!

The theme this year for my category is "Italian Wedding" and it can be anywhere on the spectrum from something casual to a formal affair.  My arrangement is due in for judging bright and early on friday morning and I have yet to start!  (Where does all the time go??!!)  I am still trying to decide which color direction to go….brown & pink?  pink and green?  blue & yellow?  a range of purples?  something else entirely??

At any rate, here are some beautiful images I am using for my inspiration. 

M. Elizabeth Events

Stone Blossom Florals 

Stone Blossom Florals

The French Tangerine Blogspot

source unknown…via pinterest

Wedding & Events Floral Design

Source Unknown… via Pinterst

What comes to your mind with an "Italian Wedding" theme? I would love to know.



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