29 January 2015

The Lost Art of Taking Tea

I have always loved to have tea.... I think it is something I inherited from my mother.  She loves a good afternoon of tea but a FANCY afternoon out was typically saved for a birthday or special occasion.  However, when I lived in London... the art of taking tea became a regular occurrence both with my friends and my girls.... It is just such a civilized way to spend the afternoon.

Many times I will have tea and scones with cream and berries for my children after school. It is a beautiful way to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the day before the afternoon and evening activities begin.

Here is a little "tea knowledge" I learned while living overseas...

  • "Taking Tea" refers to the ceremonial aspects of this glorious afternoon activity
  • Did you know "TEA" does not just refer to the drink (this is where my love of champagne gets to come in...) but rather the MEAL of tea?
  • There are 2 types of TEA... Afternoon or "low tea" & "high tea"
    • Afternoon Tea is taken between 2 and 5 p.m. and is usually a light snack with sandwiches, cakes, pastries and scones.
    • High Tea is taken between 5 - 7 p.m. and is considered an early evening meal

I'd like to invite you to find an afternoon to enjoy The Lost of Taking Tea.... I think you will find it to be one of the most enjoyable and rejuvenating respites you have had in a while.


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26 January 2015

Design Trend :: Deep Dark Walls

Elle Decor
Jan Showers
Daniel Cuevas

Recently, I have been quite drawn to the darker walled rooms... whether it be a lacquered paint or a very dark wood paneling.  It is not anything I have ever designed in my own house and have only once or twice recommended to a client... But there is something lately that keeps drawing me in.  A coziness... a richness... a sophistication, perhaps.  Maybe all these "clean spaces" of late are leaving me wanting more.

I really like the old world glamour it adds to a room. Making a bold design decision such as this is not for the faint of heart...it shows you have conviction in your design style... and it definitely exudes a personal confidence, as well.

Apartment Therapy

Alicia B. Designs

Sasha Adler via Elle

Garrow Kedigian

I am smitten... and cannot think of where to execute this fast enough!

What are your thoughts on the darker walls?  Yes or No??


23 January 2015

Design Inspiration :: The Return of the Skirted Table

Beth Webb

Upon reading my collection of design magazines recently, I was so thrilled to spy a segment on Skirted Tables.  I must admit... I LOVE a skirted table and always have at least one or two in my own house.  With many design trends over the past few years leaning towards cleaner lines, the skirted table has gone by the wayside and touted as something from Grandma's house.  I beg to disagree... 

A beautifully skirted table is a design staple.  When executed in the right manner, it brings a sophistication and elegance to a room that cannot be duplicated. It brings a warmth and softness, if you will.... And as an added BONUS, can provide a secret place for storage underneath.

My favorite part of this design essential is that it can be any size or shape and work in any space in your house. 

Source Unkown 

Architectural Digest

Palmer Weiss
Design House

How do you feel about a skirted table?  I would love to know!

Happy Friday!


05 January 2015

New Year Inspirations :: 2015... Let's do this!

As I attempt to regroup from the holidays and get back to a scheduled life, I thought some inspirational quotes were in order for a little motivation to start the new year off right. 

While I was reading through my Pinterest board ... I picked the 10 quotes that spoke to me the most as I set my goals for 2015.    Here's to hoping they will spark a little inspiration for you too.





Here's to 2015!  Let's do this!


all photos via Pinterest


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