30 September 2013

Design Inspiration: Blue & White Party!

I am so happy to join my friend, Jennifer, at THE PINK PAGODA for her blue and white party today. (Better late than never!)

For as long as I can remember, Blue & White has been my favorite color combination.  Today, I thought I would mix it up and share with you my FAVORITE Blue & White design elements in the world of FASHION ( my second love!).  I hope you will enjoy them......

Really.... from a Blue & White perspective, does it get any better than these earrings???

Roberto Cavalli's Ming Vase dress

Tory Burch

I could go on and on with the fabulous pictures of fashion.  I hope you will take time to visit the other bloggers who have linked to the party on THE PINK PAGODA!

Happy Monday!

20 September 2013

Book of the Month: September 2013


For those of us who love design, it does not seem to take very long for the addiction to coffee table books to kick in.  When I first purchase a new design book, I grab a pad of sticky notes and just start going through the pictures.  When I get to the end, I can tell if it is a book worthy of taking time to read the "print" if I have marked a lot of pages.  This is absolutely one of those books!

The luxe homes designed by one of Bravo TV's Million Dollar Decorators Jeffrey Alan Marks demonstrate his breezy, tailored look.  Jeffrey Alan Marks Inc. (JAM) specialized in residential and commercial interior design and architecture.  Inspired by his Southern California outdoor lifestyle, Marks's trademark looks is a synthesis of a fresh informality infused with sophisticated English and European accents.  This book showcases a series of beautifully photographed residences revealing Marks's skill at capturing each client's personality, from a movie star's London townhouse full of eccentric furnishings to a charming Nantucket cottage with nautical embellishments.  Marks's favorite shopping addresses for fabrics, furniture, and antiques complete this inspiring book.

This is a definite add to your design library!  Now, if BRAVO would just bring back Million Dollar Decorators........

15 September 2013


Collections... They are one of my favorite things to use when styling my own home or the home of a client.  It is usually made up of something that would be a beautiful item on its own but when put together with other like items can really make a more impactful statement.  Collections can come from a wide range of items...books, boxes, shells, pictures, paper weights, art, tea pots, plates, figurines, blue and white porcelain...the list is endless.   Really, it is about what items are special to you and through the process of collecting, it allows you to tell the special story around each one.

For years, I have collected boxes.  I adore silver boxes and Limoges boxes, wooden boxes, tortoise shell boxes.  Large boxes, small boxes. ( I have even been know to collect shoe boxes!)   I have been collecting them since I was in college and it is such fun to have something special to "hunt" for when I travel.   

My mother collects tea pots, my husband collects cuff links, my sister collects Herend figurines, and my mother-in-law collects cookbooks.   Is there something special you collect?  I would love to hear about it!

Happy Monday!

10 September 2013

THE LOST ART of the picnic

There is something about a picnic that I have always loved.

I can remember as a child going on picnics when we would be on vacation.  At the time, I really had no appreciation for what a picnic really could be... then, it was just a cold sandwich at a park table but some how it still was a fond family memory.  My husband and I enjoyed picnics when we were dating so shortly after I got married (many years ago), I was in Crate and Barrel and they were having an end of season sale on wooden picnic baskets.  I bought one with all the "things" that go inside...I was ready should the occasion arise but it would be years before I knew how to properly use it.   Not until moving to London in 2007 did I truly discover THE ART OF THE PICNIC.  

You see, it is really much, much more than a cold sandwich and some potato salad.  It is about creating a true dining experience, it is about making beautiful memories, it is about slowing down, and it is about bringing a little "luxury" into a very simple activity.

... and really, it takes very little effort.  Stop and think for a minute how just a pretty cotton blanket in a shady spot, instead of a picnic table, would change the atmosphere and makeyou want to linger.  You should think of planning a picnic in the same way you would if you were having guests for dinner.  What makes the setting memorable?

Here are my 10 favorite things for bringing a little luxury to the picnic:
  • A proper blanket (or blankets) to sit on that accommodates everyone
  • A great wicker basket 
  • Real dishes and silverware
  • Cloth napkins
  • Fresh flowers for a centerpiece
  • Real food...Grilled flank steak, shrimp cocktail, tomato salad, fruit salad, a beautiful cheese or charcuterie board... the possibilities are truly endless!
  • A bottle of wine or champagne (don't forget the corkscrew!)
  • Real glassware (I have even been known to take my crystal!)
  • Portable music
  • cutting boards and/or serving trays

Fall is the perfect time for a picnic with family or friends... I hope you will make some wonderful memories on your next outing.

08 September 2013

Guest post at The Pink Pagoda!

WOW.... What a way to start a Monday!!!

I have the honor of guest posting at my very favorite blog today, The Pink Pagoda. I am talking about my current favorite Blue and White fabrics. I hope you will join us!

04 September 2013


Source: Via Pinterest

Source: Munger Interiors via Pinterest

Source:   Rod Winterrowd's Manhattan Design Studio

Source:  Unknown, via Pinterest

Source: Susan Eason Interiors / Holiday House NYC 2012 via Pinterest

As the laziness of summer comes to a close, I usually feel the need to re-organize my office so that I am at the top of my game for the Fall (and the ever closely approaching holiday season).  I am not one of those people that can work "anywhere".... Working at a Starbucks would cause me to have hives (no offense to Starbucks).  I have always needed a beautiful space in which to work... it inspires my creativity and feeds my soul.  It gives me confidence and a sense of peace at the same time.  Depending on the location in which I was living or the stage in my life, creating that "beauty" meant very different things but whether working in a corporate office or a home office, I have always tried to make the space my own.

Here are 12 things that will enhance the beauty of your work space...why not give some a try and see what magical things can happen.

  • Fresh flowers
  • A family photo or two to bring a familiarity
  • A Beautiful Lamp
  • An Inspiration Board
  • A New Coat of Paint or Wallpaper
  • Books that inspire you
  • A Pretty Pencil Cup
  • A Favorite Candle or Trinket
  • A Piece of Art on the wall
  • A Crystal Jar with your favorite candy 
  • The Right Storage Solutions for keeping the clutter at bay
  • A Comfy Chair 


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