06 March 2014

Life Inspiration for a Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have just returned from the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta and I am TOTALLY inspired!!!!  I love when that happens.  I have heard and met the MOST FABULOUS DESIGNERS…. Timothy Corrigan (so accomplished and inspiring), Candice Olson (so unbelievably talented), and Jeffrey Alan Marks (so totally adorable!  I want to have him over for dinner!!!).

Me and JAM

I have also heard from some wonderful, inspiring bloggers.  There is just so much to share but the SIMPLE RULES IN LIFE listed above are what I want to leave you with for the weekend (or Spring Break, if yours happens to be this coming week).  This is something we all know… but, of which, even the most motivated of us occasionally need to be reminded.  

I hope that if you are standing at a life cross-roads, contemplating an idea and cannot seem to get off the mark, or just need a little push to be brave regardless of the issue - this will send you in the right direction. 

If you just say YES and step out of your comfort zone, anything is possible.  We have all faced the fear… and when you look at just moving that mountain one teaspoon at time, you will get where you want to be.



03 March 2014

Design Trends: My Favorite Blue & White Wallpapers

Happy Monday, Friends!

Last week, I talked about the fabulous design trend of wallpaper making a huge comeback.  (If you missed that post, you can read it here).  Today, we are linking up with Jennifer at THE PINK PAGODA for another BLUE & WHITE PARTY so I thought I would bring you my favorite Blue & White wallpapers!  

I just adore starting off the week on such a happy design note… It ignites such inspiration for me.  I hope it will inspire you too!

Thibaut's Cut Paper

Rose Cumming's Zebrine in Navy

Osborne & Little's Summer Palace

Zoffany Blue Grasscloth
(I just put this in my office….It is DIVINE!)

Cole & Sons Honeycomb 
(And don't you just LOVE it on the ceiling???!!!)

Kelly Wearstler/ Groundworks for Lee Jofa
 Channels Paper

(so DYING to find a place to use this in my house!!)

Phillip Jefferies Chain Link in Navy

Farrow & Ball  - Vermicelli in white on blue

( I used this in my daughter's bathroom in blue on white… so young and fresh!)

Antonina Vella Dolce Vita Wallpaper in Navy Blue

If you have a favorite blue and white wallpaper, I would love to know about it!



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