03 October 2013

DESIGN INSPIRATIONS: Decorating for Fall & Halloween


When it comes to decorating for Fall and Halloween, every single year I hit a road block.  Christmas? Never. Valentine's or Birthdays? I am all over it.  Throwing an impromptu party? Some how I can make it come together.  But  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. is an issue for me and pumpkins.

I think it is because I have not figured out how to strike a balance between the whimsical and a more sophisticated decoration...and if it should require ANY crafting - I am out! I used to solve the problem by not doing anything at all... and then my children became old enough to notice and wanted to know why we were the only family without any festive decorations. Score 1 for the pumpkins.

Due to the fabulosity of PINTEREST, I thought I might finally find the answer I have been looking for..... but no! Still nothing that seems quite right.

Here are 5 pictures where I found some inspiration....what do you think?

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Flickr photo via Pinterest

So how do you decorate for Fall? Where do you find your inspirations?   I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.  Happy October.



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