11 July 2014

All Around the World: The Peacefulness of Sailing

It has been years since I have been on a sailboat.  So many, in fact... that I started to think that maybe I was afraid of sailing.  I do not really like the thought of deep water and a vacation entirely on a boat would cause me to be medicated.  However, last weekend I spent a few glorious hours with my family whale watching in Monterey Bay on a beautiful Italian cruiser. I was surprised to find a peacefulness that I had forgotten existed with sailing. Despite the waves that crash on the hull, the water is so quiet... even the boat is quiet with only the slight noise of the wind in the background... an elegant stillness that I cannot quite associate with anything else.

I liked it.  A lot.  It was such a disconnection from everything except the beauty of nature and the beauty of family. Indeed, a GLORIOUS experience of reflection and tranquility.

Monterey Bay, California

Captain Christian Hestness

Our captain for the afternoon was Christian Hestness and he is the owner of Bella on the Bay.  He has such an amazing love of sailing and life in general but what I really loved about him was his story. Six years ago, a job layoff forced him to make some life changes.  He decided to pursue his dream of sailing every day and started a charter company. To quote him, "I have never had less money or been more happy in my entire life."  Truly an example of doing what you love bringing total happiness. A kind of courage to be admired, for sure.

If you should find yourself in the Monterey Bay Area, I would highly suggest spending an afternoon on this beautiful boat with Christian.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  You can contact him at www.bellamontereybay.com

I hope this finds you enjoying your summer as much as I am and that you find a little elegant stillness somewhere soon.


All photos from from Bella on The Bay except as noted.

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